Friends For Sale

There is this really funny app in Facebook that when I first encountered I found weird and quite disturbing. I said I will never use that application. But after a lot of invites from friends, curiosity got the better of me so I finally managed to use the app. And with somewhat funny results!

Now I have debated whether I will write about this. For all I know the persons involved and concern may be reading this very post. But then again, my conscience is clear, I write in the guise of anonymity and I am confident that I can stand up for whatever opinions or stories I share here.

And so I used the app. I bought one of my guinea pigs at work (for clarifications you can just look for the post about this). And in less than an hour, his girlfriend added me as a friend in Facebook. My expression was “oh-oh, why is she adding me up when I do not know who she is and I am pretty sure she doesn’t know who I am”. But still, I added her up. And she sent me a message through the Facebook chat app – “Binili mo boyfriend ko (you bought my boyfriend)”. I simply said, “Yeah. I was buying people randomly and he came in cheap.”


At this point, I was already considering deletingthe app. I am not comfortable thinking of people as something you can buy for some monetary value – where others are labelled as cheap and others expensive. Yet it was fun to play with it – for the meantime.

So girlfriend here talked to me for sometime then said that her boyfriend will use the PC so she had to log out. I said, “Sure”.  So the guy comes online yet I dare not talk to him about the incident lest girlfriend is watching us. The guy also did not bother talking to me. Well I had more important things to attend to so I didn’t really mind. Then in about 30 minutes the girlfriend comes online again. Of course the guy went offline. And the girlfriend resumed her conversation with me. 

Funny, interesting and curious incident. 

Next thing I knew, my new owner was now girlfriend. And no matter how many people bought me from her, she insists on buying me back. 

Again, funny, interesting and curious incident.

Yet now, I have a new owner. Girlfriend is also no longer my pet since someone else bought her from me and I have no intentions of buying back friends from people who buys them from me. In fact, I have all intentions of deleting the app. Mafia Wars is still more my thing. And I don’t even like the farm inspired applications because I’ve had experiences with real-live farms and I’m sick of them.

My brother said that in Friends For Sale, you see how people treat their relationships – especially boyfriend-girlfriend relationships. He said that most girlfriends find it annoying if somebody else, especially a girl buys their boyfriends from them. 

Again, funny, interesting and curious incident.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

4 thoughts on “Friends For Sale”

  1. I never really used the application, just seeing those updates like buying this and that as a newest pet, it’s kinda weird. Even for a game. And they have pictures like they’re in some selection of some kind of a sicko brothel or something. Hehehe. But mainly, I found it really weird.


    1. Di ko rin gusto pero somehow naglalaro na ako. Ung mga kapatid ko kasi nirerequest na bilhin ko daw sila para tumaas value nila. Bibilhin ko naman tapos aagawin sila ng friends nila so magpapabili na naman sila sakin. Hayz.


  2. ‘ ahahahahahah!!!!! i never thought of the app that way.. i think people should treat it as it is.. it’s juz a game, somethin’ for fun.. the moment you let games like dz affect relationships, the joke is on you.. Tell Girlfriend: kitid ng utak nya, daig pah nya ang musmos.. =)


    1. exactly di ba? game lang un APP.. super for fun.. ni I don’t think anyone really takes the chores seriously di ba? pero ewan.. some people make it out for more than what it is.. tsk tsk :D… actually nilaro ko un game dahil kay girlfriend.. hehe.. kung hindi na nya ako bibilhin as pet nya wala na rin ako gana sa game..


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