who am I?

I asked my friend, who I thought new me already since I share basically my thoughts with him, about who he thinks I am. He keeps on telling me that he thought he had me all figured out then I would suddenly surprise him with a new facet of my personality.

So I asked him: what is it about me that you have already figure out?

I wish I haven’t asked. 

He said I am eager to please and am easily impressed. He said I have insight that was advanced for my years yet I am still childish and hardheaded. He said I am rebellious because I want my points heard. He said I was smart, eloquent and loyal to a fault. And I thought he was my like my living personal blog. I’m afraid I must be mistaken. Or maybe I cannot now see who I am? 

I emailed him. Demanded an explanation of why he thought I was such. I mean where did he pick those up? There were still a lot of other qualities mentioned. I guess I’ll post them when he has actually stated why they are what they are. 

In any case, one point of his caught my mind as I was again travelling home this morning with the morning breeze blowing against my face. He said I tend to avoid conflicts that’s why I was eager to please. At first I begged to disagree. I don’t like messy fights but I do not back down from conflicts. Just this evening, I emailed our  Program Manager and gave him a piece of my mind about the new AHT ratings they suddenly implemented in the middle of the month, catching everyone by surprise because they didn’t b0ther to give a preliminary explanation about the new rating system. 

No. I do not back down from conflicts. I face them when they are there. But I guess if it can be avoided I do avoid it. I was never the one who created conflicts or willingly throw myself into them. I prefer maintaining a rather neutral standpoint if I could. I realize that as much as I am assertive and outspoken in certain things, I am quite meek and reserved in some. For example, if a jeepney has taken a peso more from my fare, I do not really complain. If I have money to spare I just let it go thinking that the driver could probably use a spare and I wasn’t aggravated that much. Of course, for other people, like my sister, she finds this terribly annoying. She asks for her change and discount down to the last cent. I guess it’s really different for everyone – their outlook on what right should be asserted on and what should right could be forgo. 

I am curious as to how he will defend the other traits he said defined me. He got some of them right. But some, I think, are wrong. But then he said it was all based on our conversations. Maybe I am turning into someone I do not know? 

Being the introspective person that I am, I do not think so. More than anyone else, even my blogs, it is me who knows who I am.

So who am I?

I'm Spiderman... :D
I'm Spiderman... 😀

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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