Nail Vanity

I am not an excessively vain person. I think my vanity only covers the basics of being neat and presentable in public. I am no fashion icon and as such do not wish to follow trends and fads and I am no fan of usual girly stuffs like hair and spa treatments, latest make-up fashions, etc.


nail-polishBut one girly thing I’ve grown addicted to in the past months is the manicure – or having one’s nails done professionally in a beauty parlor. Yep. I’m sporting nail polishes nowadays. I’ve managed to grow my nails in an acceptable length and have them expertly shaped by a competent manicurist. Whereas I started with the demure French tip, two weeks later my nails sported a solid dark red color. It was followed by a blue-green tint and now I have long, bright red nails.


It seems that every two weeks or so, I have this desire to visit my favorite parlor and spend an hour or so having my nails done. Whereas before I gave no attention to my nails and simply contend that they are nice and clean, now I revel in the fact that they are long and colored, subsequently appearing as sophisticated.


Yet having long nails is not all bed and roses for me. And I am discovering it now. Typing alone takes some getting used to especially in this miniscule laptop. Also handling things is not quite as carefree as before – there are the colored nails to consider. And when something in my body itched and I scratched it all to eagerly – well, you can guess what happens – I get a bruise or a scratch. And the aggravation is doubled if it was a pimple which I accidentally scratch!


nail-polish2I am just in my fourth nail color. I don’t know if after this I’ll decide to rest for a while – don back my short and naturally colored nails. Maybe I will. That also saves some money. But then as I’ve told someone, the parlor and the nail ritual has become sort of therapeutic for me. In the new level of stress that I receive from my job – to resign or not to resign – having my nails done professionally affords me some odd twisted comfort.


Hmm.. The life span of the long bright red nails is almost up. What color should I fashion next?

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

2 thoughts on “Nail Vanity”

    1. *waves and hugs deejay*

      wow deejay! napadaan ka ulit.. parang pakiramdam ko may long lost old friend na nadaan.. in fairness kasi ikaw ang unang “virtual” person na napadpad sa blogs ko..natuwa ako makita comments mo..

      di pa ako makahanap ng magandang shade ng fink eh..


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