can’t help but write

Ganito pala talaga siguro pag writer ka. Or feeling writer. Hindi mo mapigil and iyong sarili magsulat. Parang bawat ideya na dumampi sa iyong utak kailangan mong masulat. Di kaya baka tuluyan na nitong lisanin ang iyong isipan.


In any case I am now writing using the basic and primitive resources for any writer – a pen and paper. Sad to say I am at no liberty ot use my preferred means – the computer. I am now at work and eventhough I have access to the PC, there is no means for me to publish what I write using it. So I have to contend with this.

And speaking of computers, my mother’s observation was right when she noticed that 90% of my waking moments are spent in front of the computer. My work requires me to be in front of the computer all the time and when I get home, I still choose to be in front of the computer writing my blogs!

Yet nothing gives me more joy than to write; to see people reading what I’ve written and reacting to it – either in agreement or disagreement.

When I told a co-worker that I’d be resigning because I find my job boring, repetitive and non-challenging, he said, that all jobs in due time become as such.

I beg to disagree. I believe writing as a job will never be boring nor repetitive nor non-challenging. Not unless you write obituaries for a newspaper. But then I believe that there are jobs out there which are not boring or repetitive or non-challenging no matter how many times or eras you do them.

Do you think the hosts of NatGeo documentaries or Discovery Channel Travel shows ever become bored with their jobs? Do you think journalists or international correspondents ever become unchallenged by what they do or find their tasks repetitive?

Point is: There are jobs out there which will constantly challenge you, push you to the edge and require you to constantly change and improve yourself for the better.

And its those jobs that I long to do. I long to have. Some may think I’m crazy. I already have a job that in all respects is easy and does not require too much of me. I go to work, take calls, go home and that’s it. What more could I ask for?

But then I do long for more. I am not made or cut-out for jobs such as this. There are people who appreciate the "static-ness" of it all but I’m not one of them.

I know God made all of use unique and gave each one of us a niche in this world. To go against that plan or to reside in a niche not for you will eventually end up in disappointment, dissatisfaction and disillusionment.

I yearn to find my niche and live life to its fullest!



Post script: Ang hirap pala i-type ang naisulat na. Di na ako sanay. At parang iba din ang writing style. O imagination ko lang un?

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

4 thoughts on “can’t help but write”

  1. wow. So why not sign up to be a Peace Corps Volunteer? I’d love to be one too. I wouldn’t mind being sent to India or Zimbabwe and live with the natives.

    Pareho tayo. Though when it’s a literary piece I’m writing, dun lang ako nagsusulat sa papel. Kapag blog naman, direkta na. Then after ko maipublish, saka ko mapapansin yung mga errors then ieedit ko na naman. haha. unlike sa paper na kahit madaming error, pwedeng pwede mong burahin. hehe.

    great post!


  2. ‘ writer na writer a.. strike anywhere, basta an inspiration engulfs, you go ahead and write. there was one time i was on a cab when suddenly i thought of a good piece to write about, e ala ako pen, so I had to make mental notes. ehe, but then again Im not claiming to be a writer.. ahaha!
    – im telling you in any job there would come a time when you will pose questions, if that is what you were born to do or at the very least, you would think if it’s something yo could carry on doing for years. i wish you luck as you seek the fulfillment of your potentials.. =)


    1. thank you!

      sabi ko sa friend ko sa work.. mabuti pa mga tao sa web.. naiintindihan ako.. sabi nya kasi daw hindi nila ako kilala talaga.. pero minsan sa tingin ko mas kilala pa ako ng mga nasa web.. kasi sa blogs ko hindi censored ang mga emosyon na sinusulat ko.. di tulad sa pakikitungo sa mga tao sa paligid.. kailangan i-censor minsan ang emosyon para walang masaktan..


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