a random post after such a long time

Finally after so long, I can blog again. To think that this place is the last place I would have thought I’d be able to blog in. Where am I? I’m in a net cafe with a seemingly slow connection (it must have taken forever for wordpress to load) and with a computer whose specs might as well be obsolete (I must not commit any errors while typing for it also takes forever to erase any of the letters). But then here I am, blogging. Why here? Because I’m waiting for something and I need to pass the time here.

It is not because of a lack of ideas that I haven’t written anything for the longest time around. Neither is it for a lack of inspiration. Rather, it is more because I have been confused for the longest time imaginable about what is suppose to be in my blog. I have once imagined my blog to be full of my opinions on the social situations of the country and somehow for it to get wide readership because it will appear like an opinion column in a newspaper but then as I reflected over my last posts I have seen that my blog appeared to be more of a personal diary of sorts – an exploration of my self through my emotions on the events happening in my life. And much as I was proud of how I’ve written them, I was still diappointed that I haven’t written more socially relevant articles.

And it didn’t help that given the immense free time I have eversince being in the moring shift I have become distracted with the numerous things I could do – play mafia wars, read books, buy books, take care of my books (make inventories and cover them with plastic, that is) and sometimes, go malling. (Yep, I have gone malling alone twice now – it’s fun!).

Oh well, I ramble yet again. Just so I could have something to post or because I have time to spare. In any case this is yet again another personal post. I hope, in time, I get to post something about the books I’ve been reading, my opinions on the current issues plaguing the country or my observations about the people around me.

Time lapses. I must go. And so I bid adieu blog, till next time. Hopefully once I start the 10am-7pm shift tomorrow, when there is virtually zero calls, I can write more. That is if reading bores me. But how could that be when I’ve just bought 10 new books today – all for 140php! Thanks to Booksale. Oh well, we’ll see then.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

4 thoughts on “a random post after such a long time”

  1. most of the time, i buy my books in powerbooks or fullybook..puro nalang may books ang name ng mga bookstore…ha ha ha…suprisingly, i have one book which im reading right now by james rollins which i bought in bookssales for 200 bucks. the cheapest book i ever bought in my entire life..

    maybe coincidence, but when i went to ayala to check shirts, i was amazed to see that the price for this book in fully book is 500 bucks..err…

    maybe ill practice buying books now in booksales no?he he he


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