something positive about work

I know that most of my entries about my current job are bordering on the negative. I know that when I blog about work now a days, it’s mostly because I got impatient with a customer or because my mind is rotting away in boredom. But then not all is gloom and doom at work.

I recall an article from Peyups sent to me by one of my workmates which detailed why the kind of job I have is most of the time a thankless one. Yet, though we often receive frustrated callers, there are certain rare gems that can make our heart’s soar in this type of job.

I recall the customer who was so happy because I simply educated her about viruses and how they work, that in the offset of the call she offered a short prayer of blessing for me. I recall several customers who are not native Americans and whose accents are so hard to understand that you have to be patient with them. And though the call dragged on to immeasurable lengths, after the issue was resolved, they thank you profusely for being so patient and understanding to them. Lately, I find my eyes becoming teary-eyed when a customer thanked me profoundly because according to him, of all the TSR he talked to, I was the most precise and the most clear, not to mention that I have been able to clearly explain to him the issue with his computer. I wasn’t able to resolve his issue but then he understood his predicament and he was thankful that I explained things to him clearly.

Then also there are this customer’s who are simply nice to talk too. Those who will chat with you about their jobs and also appreciate the job that you have. I recall the lady who was nice enough to inquire how I feel about my job and to be indignant that I should be receiving a salary good enough for 2 persons. I also recall how she was totally sympathetic that I finished a different course but due to practical reasons had to be in this job. I could never forget the customer who called only to talk about Manny Pacquiao. He knew what to do with his computer, he probably had only one quick question which was answered at the onset of the call but since he wanted to chat, I gave in. We talked about Manny and boxing for 21 minutes while he was at the same time tinkering with his computer and I merely assured him, from time to time, that he was doing the right thing.

Of all the bad calls which I have blogged about, I believe it is but right that I also defend my customers. Not all of them are jerks like the people I’ve talked about in the past. A large majority are also nice people who would be profusely thankful for even just the information handed over to them. The mind remembers the bad incidents, but I believe it is the good ones which should leave a deeper imprint so that they could serve as fuel to move on and continue in this “thankless” job.

This entry is an ode to all the nice customers I’ve had. To all those who’ve given me high marks in the surveys and to whom I owe my high metrics. May they continue to be nice and understanding to all the people they meet – customer representatives and all.


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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