tsk tsk on my attempts to customize this page

I may be moving back to my old blog server, if that is what you call that. That is if I indeed learn how to customize or make my own CSS. I just found out  that for me to be actually able to customize the looks and feel of this blog, I need to purchase an UPGRADE! Though I understand the intentions behind it, (wordpress doesn’t want customized CSS getting around the web), still I am utterly disappointed. Just when I was beginning to get the hang of navigating around the dashboard etc. Now I guess I have to go back to Blogger and re-orient myself with its dashboard.

Come to think of it, the reason I shifted was because I found wordpress’s dashboard more attractive than Blogger’s. But then, my friend was right, you can’t do much customization here.

So I may be saying adieu to this server soon, if not later.

Sigh. And I was looking forward to having my own site with my own domain and my own look. Maybe I should first consider how much the CSS upgrade costs.

And yet for all this talk about customization and own domain names, I still languish at the dismal traffic my site is getting. I guess I must be patient then? Or I guess I must tweak my site more – change my tagline since it really is at odds with each other (as someone pointed out) or change how my blog title appears (notice I removed the sticky caps though I admit it looked better before).

Sigh. I have a lot more to learn. I’ve been blogging on an off for several years now. And it’s only recently that I discovered that my blog will actually be my salvation from the dire boredom my work pushes me into.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

4 thoughts on “tsk tsk on my attempts to customize this page”

    1. kaya pala may pinapamoderate sakin.. kala ko na may bago akong viewer. hehe. hmm.. di ko rin alam eh… explore ko nlng pano na-edit yan.

      oo nga. nalungkot ako dahil di ko macustomize CSS ng wordpress. pero gusto ko na kasi un header ng blog ko. un fonts lang sana and un pag appear ng blog name.

      may mahaba ako na comment sa blog mo. sorry di ko pa nachecheck if nagreply ka na.

      nag-cocomment comment din ako sa mga blogs here and there… it’s just that hirap i-keep track ng comments ko sa blogs nila.

      pero yeah, darating din time..dadami din magbabasa ng blogs ko. hehe.


  1. Told yah, ace, that is why i chose blogspot over wordpress, may bayad tlga ang customization ng CSS. I first thought na nagustuhan mo yung simple layout wordpress brings..

    Dismal visitors you might say, ganyan din naman ako eh, and i think ganyan din sa simula all bloggers experience. Dont worry, in the near future, darami rin visitors mo 😀

    I know that you’re doing everything to attract interested visitors and followers. Visit other bloggers and leave comments. Follow blogging tips that will make your blog searchable by google. Tell your friends and workmates about your blog.

    Keep on writing, its good for you and your future readers!

    Soon, you’ll have your own domain and lots of visitors! 😀 Good luck!!


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