The Biggest Laugh of the Century

I am not a boxing fan – I never find much entertainment in what I consider a very violent sport – but thanks to my mom, who is the most boxing addict person I know, I have had the priviledge of watching some of Manny “Pacman” Pacquio’s fights. And I must admit that on some of them, I had felt the Filipino pride for what the nation’s prized fighter and the world’s best boxer brings to our country.

Today’s fight is by far the funniest fight I have ever watched or in this case, heard (I heard the live fight over the radio).

I was trying my best to sleep, a futile attempt I must admit, since by early morning my mom’s excitement can’t be contained already. The long wait for the main fight increased my mom’s tension even further and she even skipped lunch since by lunchtime, the national anthem’s were already being sung.

I was only listening to the fight comments half-heartedly when suddenly I heard that during the first round, Hutton already fell twice. My mom was estactic! And during the second round, it came as a surprise that Hutton was already knock-out!


The commentator said, “Ang tagal-tagal naghintay tapos 2 rounds lang pala ang fight” (“We’ve waited so long for a 2 rounds fight”).

What really got me laughing though was the comment: “Lahat po ng tao natulala” (“Everyone was stunned”). Yup. The stage seemed silent as compared to when the fight begun. It seemed all Brits were dumb-founded about the fight.

Some funny observations:

• The Brits must be so disappointed. I heard that 25,000 Brits travelled to LA to watch and cheer Hutton. They even made a nice cheer for him. I also heard that in Britain, one is required to pay 10 pounds to watch the fight – there is no way for them to watch it for free, even if they have cable TV. Ten pounds for less than 10 minutes fight?!

• The Pinoys who also paid hundreds to watch the live fight might have been overjoyed and at the same time a bit disappointed that their money didn’t pay for a longer entertainment time.

• The difference is that Pinoys could always ask for a replay but not the Brits. All they could ask for would be refunds.

• Pirates must also have been shocked at the sudden conclusion of the fight. They might not have had enough time to disperse their merchandise.

• Jeepney drivers who are hurrying to get somewhere to watch the fight must have been disappointed if they were thinking there were still some rounds they could catch up on. Who indeed would have expected the fight to be over after 2 rounds? And a knock-out at that?

• Manny’s mother, who watched the game for the first time and in US at that, must have only been in the 3rd mystery of the rosary when the fight ended.

• I read in a blog that the House of Reps would be able to meet in LA since they are in a quorum there – well this time, they most definitely will be able to do so – they have enough time already!

I should be sleeping now, but I wanted to be the first to blog about this. I know most would still be out there watching the fight in the local channels, I do apologize for any spoilers. I just want to share some laughs. ☺


Author: elleica

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