writing is my passion

I am a writer at heart.

It seems ideas of what to write about always keep popping in my head. I bet with some formal education on writing, I might be able to develop this talent further. Maybe then this is the direction I’ve been looking for? A career in writing? Of course at this point everything would have to start out as a hobby. Some blog posts here and there and some writings here and there. Bits and pieces of the written me somewhere.

I know I would have to develop some individual style of writing. Discover what area or aspect of literature I’m good at writing at. And where could I begin exploring that if not by blogging?

And I am indeed grateful that this laptop has finally served the purpose I had envisioned it to serve. Which to as a writing portal. A writing medium. Now I am fulfilling that dream of directly typing in my thoughts to cyber world. Of course there are times when I miss my volumes of journals which I believe are gathering mold somewhere in my drawers. Yet I know that for the longest time I’ve wished for a scenario exactly like this. A laptop in my lap and my fingers busily typing in my thoughts which are faster than I can recover.

And now what are my topics for today? I’ve thought of some blog ideas like how SM’s opening day was greeted by a storm – a literal weather storm and how irrational my position and a friend’s position is when it comes to love or what we allude to as love lives. And then of course there are the many reviews I’ve lined up that I still can’t get around to writing. And now I’ve managed to come up with some idea for a blog – a blog that I could actually publish.

One idea is to have Cuddle and Cuchie as the “bloggers” and for them to act like columnists who answers people’s biological queries. One idea is to simply write about biological entities – in a really unscientific and layman sort of way. Just so I could still make use of my Bio education. Another, and this just came to mind, is to write about the adventures of a Bio student – what it feels to dissect things etc. Then again another idea is to publish the blog I have now and to make my profile and other incriminating information anonymous so I could pass the blog on as some diary of some hapless soul in the universe who is sometimes happy and sometimes sad. A very normal individual who simply wants the world to listen to her life struggles. And maybe I could make an alter ego of myself though I still haven’t decided how to go about with that.

Maybe I could also write about the struggles of a TSR yet at one point or another that line of writing will most probably end since my being a TSR isn’t really that interesting. I could cook up a lot of anecdotes from my calls but they won’t be enough to sustain a blog.

The most probable here is the one wherein I would simply remove all incriminating posts in my blog so it would reflect no personal detail about me but all details about my life. and the one about Bio concepts explained in layman’s terms. The others might be simply too much work.

And of course we cannot write about things we do not know right? So I cannot write about travels and food trips which are two subjects I would have loved to write about. I need to gain a certain degree of experience for those things to be the subject of my writings.

Maybe then time will come when I could write about this things and when that time comes I know I’m no longer as tied down to this binding kind of work that I have.
And when would that happen? In two or three years time maybe? Hopefully.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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