the blogger in me

part of the reason why i haven’t been posting anything on this blog, apart from what the toll at work did to my body, is because i’ve discovered several blogs that i liked to read.

most of them were of course what blogs should be – a shot at making serious national issues a comical or satirical relief. being a current affairs junkie (as of last year), and having gone without any update on current affairs for 5 months now, i’ve turned to this blog for my source of what is happening on the local scene now.

of course they do not provide a complete picture of events but they are as close and as relaxing as i could get. reading online newspapers, are for me, albeit ecologically friendly, tiresome and eye-stressing. it seems news are better watched on tv or more preferably, read on newspapers.

and so discovering these blogs were for me like discovering gold mines. not only did i find comic relief and diversion from my mundane existence, i’ve also found inspiration on what blogs should look like. on what blogs that other people read, should be like.

and so, here i am. tired and beaten from a night’s work, yet still conceptualizing in the recesses of my brain, a unique topic to blog about. a unique name to create. and a unique thing to talk about. quite a feat in this world of carbon copies i must say. yet i do know i need another outlet of myself. i cannot confine myself to the four corners of my work and my sleep – which is what had pretty much defined my lifestyle.

i thought working would be my liberation, it turned out being a yuppie was my prison.

i hope to break free of the prison i inadvertently gotten myself into.

and blogging – in the way that the blogs i am reading – might just be the cure for that.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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