insanely happy

today for some unknown and unfathomable reason i feel happy.

maybe it was the 3 squares of imported dark chocolates that i ate during my break.
maybe it was the hefty praises of my former QA and his apparent belief in my skill.
maybe it was because i talked to him today, no matter how busy we both were.
maybe it was because of all the sleep i’ve had from my day-off.
maybe it was because we (Him and me) are back to speaking terms again.
maybe it is for a hundred different reasons that i cannot enumerate, much less think about as of this moment.

one thing is certain though. i ended my shift, a shift i cried about last week when i learned about it, with a genuine smile on my face.

not even the fact that today’s shift was in between 2 off days and would leave me really, really tired could crash the joy i feel.
not even the fact that i’ll be spending my birthday, not fully rested and at work, can squash the giddy joy i feel.
not even the fact that my AHT after starting and some time being manageable, suddenly turned bloody red at the end of my shift could make the tearful happiness fade.

fact is, i am happy.

and fact is, i’ve never felt this happy before.

certainly not last week, wherein my distraught state and my tired body, didn’t even allowed me to write anything. and to think last week, i managed to really cry before my shift started. all because my schedule really messed up.

but come to think of it, now that i am living the schedule that i cried about, i am actually smiling at it.

funny how tide changes. how roller coaster coasts. how seasons turn.

and it seems the day is so perfect, i am not even sleepy. not at all. maybe i’ll have a normal day today, after all.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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