forbidden forbidden tsk tsk

i like you
but i know we are not meant for

i like you
for you are smart and nice to talk to
but i know you are not the one for me

i like you
but i know we will never be more than what we are now

i like you
but i know this can go no further

i like you
but i know this must stop now

so why am i not stopping?
why do i continue down the hopeless path?

i know what i must do
i cannot give you up
for you are the reason why i like what i do now

i cannot give you up
for to do so would make my world seem so dull
how long your status for me to be as such would last
i do not know
in time i might find another reason to do what i do
but for the meantime
i hope you stay

i sure hope you don’t find out
how much i enjoy our conversations
how much i look forward to seeing you
how much i long to actually talk to you
how much i yearn for something more

i’ve managed to be true to myself though
i’ve managed to ascertain that if you asked for more
i might not be able to give it

much as i long for more
i know i am not prepared for it
at this point
if one of us yearn for the next level and moved to it
then what we have now would badly suffer

so since i am the one yearning
i will not do anything
i’m content with what we are now
with what we have now
with what is offered now

i do not even wish for anything more in the future
not only is it impossible
i’m afraid it is not proper

so this outburst
if you do read it
treat it as a slip of the cerebrum
the cerebrum’s impunity in allowing the hypothalamus to speak
for much as the hypothalamus tries to voice out
the cerebrum must always control it

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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