They say my job is brainless and a health-hazard. They say my job is tiresome and boring. They say that I should better think of doing something else apart from my job. They say there is no point in pursuing a career in the industry I’m in.
Well I think they’re wrong. Because I immensely enjoy my work. I am immensely challenged by it and I have every intention of making it big in this industry. I know I won’t get rich by this job. I’ve been much too educated on the subject of financial success and freedom to know what really leads to such. But I like this job because it offers me a challenge and a chance to be something better – something I haven’t been yet.

Working as a technical support rep and being able to resolve technical issues is something I cannot consider as brainless no matter how seemingly similar cases may become. Maybe it’s because I am new on the job but then I do know that there is so much to learn that at this point there is not a single thing I can consider brainless. Also I am not content simply to take troubleshooting steps at face value. I yearn to find out what is beneath them or what is the reason for them. And for me, that’s what makes my job brainy.

Then again my job is not boring or I do not feel any emotions of not looking forward to reporting for my work. Simply because I am inspired to work. It’s nice to be inspired to go to work. To have something or someone to look forward too. Of course not much can be divulged here. I do have my private moments. Suffice to say, it takes out the tiredness of a shift when one is inspired. Whatever.

I guess every aspect in my life right now was not what I really expected or prayed for. I may have prayed for them but I didn’t imagine that the answers would come packaged like this. I know I am blessed even though there are still seemingly insurmountable problems. I know that where I am right now is the right place for me to be at because everything seems so perfect even though I know they are not. It is just that everything seems to be clothed with such a peaceful and contented atmosphere for which I am most grateful for. Thank you.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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