3rd day on the job

March 7, 2009

Is this getting to be a regular thing – writing about my daily adventures on the floor? I never thought there’d be much to write about really but here I am documenting my third day – or should I say, night.

Well there are several reasons why I’m documenting this day. First maybe the fact that today I had an encounter with him – although again it was strictly professional. Second maybe the fact that I believe my performance is improving and I’ve had quite a number of critical realizations on how to improve myself so as to receive a promotion in the shortest possible time. Lastly maybe the fact that I am just dying to talk to someone, my friends maybe or perhaps just the whole wide world and anybody who cared to listen or in this case read.

So now let me dwell a bit further on those 3 reasons.

So how did we had an encounter? A virtual encounter that is? I have sworn to myself that I wouldn’t get in touch with him primarily because I didn’t want myself to hinge on a false hope and I certainly didn’t want my heart to kick on overdrive. So not until I had fully ascertained with myself that I am at least a bit over him – meaning I can fully deal with him in a professional manner – then I’d be free to consult him. Afterall I do need his professional opinion regarding my work. So in a time of desperate need, when I was not getting ample feedback on my performance (and of course I was adamant that I perform well because I’m aiming for promotion so I could get out of the call que) he became my last resort. I emailed him and to my utter surprise he answered quite quickly and in a very lengthly manner too. I was surprised that he had monitored my performance since that time we met (I guess it was part of his job description) and I was quite grateful for his feedback. I must say his email was really comprehensive and it would take me more than just one sitting to digest everything in it. And thus I was able to ascertain with myself that I am indeed over him. Not completely, I must admit. But enough to keep him at a distance, treat him professionally and protect my overacting hypothalamus.

Now for my second reason. I realized that I need not be concerned so much of my AHT (average handling time) because this is just numbers and they have a funny way of fixing themselves. Like for example if I got a really long call (about an hour and 30minutes) at the start of my shift, it would be possible that by the middle of my shift I would be getting really easy calls that would last for less than 20 minutes. It is also probable that I’d receive ghost calls (wherein no one is talking on the other line) or disconnected calls that would last for less than 5 or 10 minutes. Now these really short calls would drastically lower my AHT so that by the end of my shift I would fall within the requirement of 19 minutes, sometimes even less. AHT’s therefore are really fickle and easy stuff. What I have to focus on however are my CSATs or customer satisfaction. That is how I am able to help a customer. Apparently I sound intimidating over the phone and I guess I bit bossy to the customer. The feedback on me was I sounded like a professor giving out instructions. Of course if you were a customer you really wouldn’t want that right? So what I need to focus now is how to sound accomodating to customers. What a task right?

Now the third reason I believe should be further expanded on another blog entry. For reasons that I do not want this entry to be too long to read and because I think it constitutes a whole new set of ideas. Suffice to say that I get to relate my day to just my family members and of course my workmates. I kind of missed having friends outside my family and immediate workplace to whom I could discuss things with. And that probably is why I keep tab of my daily happenings at work. Then again my blogs are really my efforts to stay connected with the social network I have hesitantly gave up.

Then again maybe all these blog entries are just sleeping pills for my tired body whose mind refuses to shut down even though it greatly needs so.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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