Pisay In Retrospect

There are times when I regretted entering a special science high school. These moments come when I think about the course that I took up in college – a course farthest from my mind, from my dreams when I was a kid. The regrets come when I am faced with the enormous pressure of finding a job somewhat related to my field and when I end up realizing that my dream job after all is not really in the field of science. And much to my dismay, after years of pursuing science, I still see my skill as more in the line of something else. Yes, regrets do come.

But when I look back at all the fun experiences – experiences I would never encounter if I studied in a normal high school, the regrets fade away into oblivion. When I think about the people I met – people who would no doubt be my friends for life even after years of zero communication (the bond was just that strong that we have learned to accept one another’s shortcomings), I regret even regretting.

I guess it’s really the friendships forged in Pisay that is worth all these madness of “unrequited” dreams – dreams of being a journalist, a corporate person, dreams that are still attainable albeit harder due to my off-tangent degree . I guess we were all just kids back then – kids pretending to be adults, independent enough, to carry on living on our own in a totally alien environment. We stuck with what we have, adapted to what was thrown to us and all the results were rock solid friendships – friendships no one would trade for anything – not even unrequited dreams.

When I think about it I realize that my high school friends are people who don’t really know everything that are happening in my life right now. They are not people that I am close to in a daily basis sort of way. Yet I have this sense of security that once I see them in a mall or in some off chance place, the gap years since graduation would fade away and we would chat endlessly filling in the voids. There is just some sort of unexplainable connection. Of course it’s not the same for everyone, but it is true for the majority.

The vastness and intricacies of the Pisay friendship escapes me, really. It is something that is there, you know it, yet you cannot explain it.

Ah, what’s the use? I should be typing/writing something else at this time yet here I am reminiscing. It’s been five years since I left Pisay’s portals, yet the memories – good and bad – remain vivid in my mind, perhaps, forever or maybe another five years more.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

4 thoughts on “Pisay In Retrospect”

  1. “people who would no doubt be my friends for life even after years of zero communication (the bond was just that strong that we have learned to accept one another’s shortcomings),”
    so agree! best friendship! 🙂


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