library e-resources – somethings more to this than meets the eye

its so silent. all you hear are the tak tak of computer keyboards. yet it is this place – ever since my discovery – that has been a sort of sanctuary for me. a place where i chose to do all my net researches tho the operating systems are not that familiar (mind you, i’m learning though) and it is only during times of net lag that i get to actually blog and take a few moments mind off from the hectic thesis work.

ah yes! the thesis i have so dreaded when i first entered this university.. the thesis i’m working so hard at to get published. to do this in a year and have it published will really be a major accomplishment for me. especially since i can say with much pride that the idea is mine (with the help of the Lord of course!). but then it isn’t something my adviser advised me to do.

i have drawbacks of course. i have to start from scratch. build this topic up. prove all sorts of things in connection with it. but then, that’s the exciting part. to know that i can actually concoct such a scheme of things. and i can actually contribute something to the scientific community. that my puny little brain is not at all puny and little.

i guess i’m redeeming my failed semester. i guess i’m proving myself worthy of the education i’ve got since time immemorial. perhaps i want to make my parents proud. my alma matter proud. or perhaps i’m just plain curious.

i dont know. but one thing is for sure. i want my thesis published and able to help a lot of people.

and so this quiet place that is not at all solitary for a lot of people are out there studying, cramming their own little requirements..will most probably be my the wee hours of the night..hours ive never thought i’d spend in such a place as this.

to God be the glory in all this.

Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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