dream it. believe it. do it.

dream it. believe it. do it.

i was in singapore/malaysia for four days. nope i wasn’t on vacation. i was there courtesy of the company i work for – nuskin enterprises. it was a free business incentive trip. i got to stay at 5 star hotels, tour around the city and see some of its famous spots (well those that time allowed) and even buy some souvenir items though admittedly you really need lots of cash to shop in singapore. but the food (which was all free for us courtesy of the company) was so superb! it was great! grabe ang astig ng singapore. as in..ang linis ng buong
area nila. mahal nga lng mga bilihin kasi halos kapantay na ng sing
dollar ang us dollar.

pero more amazing than singapore was the conference that i attended.
as in super inspiring yung mga tao dun. i have met people as young as
me who has earned about a million us dollars in the span of one year
by sheer determination and hardwork. and best of all is that these
people are really friendly and down to earth. they are ever so willing
to teach you how they did it because they believe with every fiber of
their being that it is possible for you to achieve it so long as you
believe in the power of your dreams to motivate you to achieve the
greater things in life.

grabe! super ang galing nung conference. as in i learned a lot from
all these people. and i’m quite excited to reach the same level of
success as them. i may not be there yet but i know with certainty that
i’m getting there. and its not because i’m lucky or anything. but
because i believe it to be possible. and as our theme goes: DREAM IT.

so guys believe in your dreams. no matter how impossible they may seem
or if no one else believes in you and everyone calls you crazy. they
say pangarap nlng daw ang libre sa mundo kaya kung mangangarap ka
malaki na. pero sino nagsabi na ang malalaking pangarap klngang
manatili na pangarap nlng??


Author: elleica

Jesus Lover. Writer. Blogger. Biologist turned marketer. Child of Learning. Thrill Seeker. I long for my next adventure.

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