100 Things to Do Before I Die

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves.

-Andre Gide


I have always considered myself a child of learning. My life has been a journey of constant learning. I am blessed that I am able to live a life so diverse that I am exposed to different avenues and I am able to learn as much as I could. That being said, I am an adventurous person as what my bucket list would tell you.

  1. Join a cosplay event
  2. Learn a foreign language pref. Japanese or Korean
  3. Paraglide
  4. Skydive
  5. Parasail
  6. Scuba Dive
  7. Climb a mountain (Done: Mt. Malindig)
  8. Get inked
  9. Join a reality game show
  10. Ride topload on a jeepney
  11. Color my hair blonde
  12. Be an audience to a live TV show
  13. Judge a beauty pageant
  14. Explore the 88 provinces of the Philippines (Done: Marinduque)
  15. Bungee Jump
  16. Go kart racing
  17. Zipline as much as I can
  18. Go white water rafting
  19. Visit a science museum
  20. Visit an ocean park
  21. Visit a theme park
  22. Catch a play
  23. Observe a trading day in the stock market
  24. Go sand boarding
  25. Go skiing
  26. Meet a film director
  27. Perform a fire dance

To be continued…

Tell me what you think. Leave a comment.

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