the fluidity of change

Change is once again about to happen. And I marvel at the fluidity by which I accept it. Of course change is never easy. As I have learned quite recently, the happy hormones in our brains are programmed alongside normalcy, patterns and routine. Hence change, which is often times disruptive brings about the range of completely opposite hormones hence leading to anxiety, stress and discomfort. (Sidenote: Check out my post on the brain hemispheres.)

But knowing that change is inevitable, I have long learned to simply go with it the quickest and most efficient way possible. There’s no sense in dilly-dallying and prolonging change. If it’s about to happen, then it will happen so better do it as soon as you can.

After nearly a year, I will facing change again. Quite abruptly in the limited human mind frameset but timely in the grander scheme of things.

It’s a change in residence. Probably one of the biggest change that happens in one’s life next to a career change. After all, as humankind evolved, we have longed surpassed the tendency to become nomads – always fleeting from one place to the next. The change is for the better and though entails much responsibility, is actually a step towards greater maturity. With it, I am forced to be the adult that I am now, no longer hiding in the qualms of semi-adulthood. Managing a full-fledge household, actually having a place of your own, to me is the next step to actual adulthood soon to be followed by settling down (!). But that is far-off and as yet a far-fetched idea (quite a surprise from someone who desired to be married just months ago).

Well – nothing is permanent in life than change. Quite the irony but is the reality. And so, the only thing we can really do about change is be fluid with it.

Right vs Left: Something New


I have long learned that the right brain is responsible for creativity and the left brain is responsible for logic. But during a recent talk I attended on innovation, the speaker who had interviewed a notable neuroscientist for his book, revealed something completely new that explained why sometimes I feel I am left-brained but then many times I feel I am right-brained.

The Right Brain

The right brain is responsible for anything new. It is engaged in learning new things, ideas and activities. It is the one responsible for our incessant search for something new that leads to restless behavior. No wonder it is oftentimes associated with creativity because the creative process is something that creates. It is something that seeks to invent. It deals with change.


However, the right brain was also found to be where most depressive hormones reside. Hormones that were responsible for negative feelings of depression and anxiety were found in the right brain. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the creative process also brings with it a roller coaster of emotions – mood swings if you will. It also verified how change often leads to anxiety and stress.

The Left Brain

When something starts to become repetitive and routinary, the brain activity related to that shifts to the left brain. It saves a template of the activity to make it stronger. The left brain is then responsible for pattern recognition and matching. No wonder, we all associate logical tasks with the left brain. Tasks such as analysis and math all require the recognition of patterns.


Another thing fascinating is that all the feel good hormones are lodged in the left brain. Hormones responsible for comfort, happiness and familiarity (aka a sense of security) are present in the left brain.

Get the Connection?

So do you see it? Every time you are doing something familiar, or you are in a familiar place or situation, you feel secured, comfortable and happy. That’s where the term comfort zone originates from. But try to add something disruptive to that pattern and feelings of anxiety, unease – and if not handled well, depression may soon creep in.

Yet, it is when we face changes, be open to disruption and tackle the unknown that our creative powers are unleashed and we discover new things, come up with innovative solutions and explore the boundaries of our resourcefulness.

It all boils down to how well we can manage ourselves. Change is necessary. Being creative is the starting point of innovation. Innovating leads to change – more often than not for the better. Patterns are present to keep us grounded, logical and rational. Yet every now and then, we must break out of our comfort zones and explore the creativity in us so we can grow more as persons and fully realize the full potential we have been bestowed with.

At the end of the day, no one is singularly left-brained or right-brained. We all have whole brains and it is up to us to exercise both hemispheres as we explore the vast potentials we are capable of.

a case for change

I guess when one gets older, the years catch up and priorities start to change. Or perhaps it’s just a glaring fact when one is surrounded by young ones all too eager to discover the world, traversing the path already traversed long ago.

Or perhaps it’s just a change of heart – a change brought upon by the call for holiness to which I have responded too – much to my surprise and delight.

But for whatever it’s worth – I know there has been a change. The pure joy brought about by dog videos – our dog videos and pictures; the unknown joy brought about by a cousin’s cute picture – are these signs of an impending settling down?

But nah! This is an event far from happening yet. The world is big – and longs to be discovered. Besides, I am yet to be rediscovered.