My Small Dot in the Sea of Infinity

The World Wide Web is like an infinite space of knowledge, ideas, opinion and just about anything else under the sun. You can literally be lost in its clutches for days, weeks, months and even years on end. Fortunately, for me, I have managed to found my dot in this web of infinity. A dot I can fondly call my home and theoretically my own.

I have tried to create many blogs, often times subdividing my varied interests, but I always return to my brain child – CEREBRAL INSIGHTS. Somehow, like a first love, I can’t seem to let it go. Like a favourite toy, I can’t seem to find any other blog wherein I could express myself as succinctly or as verbose as I want too. Many times I have been impeded to write for I have taken into consideration my audience and what would best suit them, what their minds can comprehend and what would entertain them. But this has hindered me from expressing who I really am and has led to many fitful nights of wanting to write as eloquently as I can but being restricted by fear that my readers won’t understand.

And so, after much ado over nothing, I have resigned to simply be myself. To write as I deem fit – reader or none. I write to release. I write to express. I do not write to impress. I have learned to give up writing to please others – readers, award-giving bodies and even search engine rankings. This is my space. My refuge. My mind’s way of de-cluttering the noise of my surroundings.

This small digital space I humbly call my own is an accumulation of my various thoughts about almost everything under the sun. There’s countless opinion on my favourite topic – society and current events mostly revolving around the socio-political scene of our country. Then there’s the timeless classic, and the window to my soul, posts about the hums of the depths of my heart. Love posts that someone once told me was enough to render a space in Peyups. I also posts about my work – sometimes rants but mostly reflections and as I mature, learnings. Then there are my posts about my travels usually posed as a guide and my posts about reviews of books, movies and places I’ve been to. There are the occasional posts on the mysteries of our faith and the equally rare posts on the wonders of science. The menus at the top all represents the various categories I have chosen to name my posts.

I have chosen to stick to this theme – the Chunk theme by WordPress – for to me it represents a straight out broadsheet. The kind that my generation these days no longer encounter, much less read. I like it for its streamlined design – no disturbing widgets at the side to distract – and for the distinctive reference to the world I might never encounter – a no-holds barred broadsheet publication.

And so to you reading this blog, may you find whatever it is you are looking for in the nooks and crannies of my small dot in infinity. May you be entertained, enlightened, moved to action and even – troubled – by what you read. I welcome comments, both in agreement or disagreement about the views presented here.

If at any point you read a post, and you think you know the person being referred to – well, you don’t. The similarity is purely coincidental. No matter if you know me too well to be sure. My posts are my views alone. I seek not to offend but to point out the truth – no matter how harsh it maybe.

Enjoy your stay and may you come back for more.

A Silent Ode to You


You do not know

And you will never know

That I have this ‘thing’ for you

Ever since I saw the inner you.

But circumstances won’t allow

And the timing isn’t right

For there to be a me & you.

And so I resign

To just be a friend

A friend close enough to be a brother

A friend close enough to be a sister

For friendships are better

Than commitments

For friendships last while commitments often don’t.

Becoming Jesus’ Witness


I know that as a Christian, my life must reflect the very essence of being saved. I must be – for lack of better words – godly, righteous and upright. Ten years ago, when I was a new Christian, this would have been easy. Having been recently saved and recently experienced the grace of God, I cannot help but overflow and be in constant intimate communication with Him – something that easily translates to my outward life. I know that to many I am godly, righteous and upright. The perfect picture of holiness.

However, things have changed ten years since the time I was saved. My life has twisted and turned and I have gained so many experiences along the way. Experiences that are, I am ashamed to admit, nowhere near being godly, righteous and upright. I have experienced the extremes of worldly living and found pleasure in it. I have shocked many and even myself. I became a poor reflection of myself ten years ago. I became the perfect picture of worldly.

But then that is where God’s grace came in. Once saved – always saved. It was just a matter of time before I once again rediscovered the joys of being intimate with my Savior. Of how, despite all my shortcomings, despite my stubbornness, despite my imperfection, despite my worldly attitudes still His grace is all sufficient for me, His goodness and love remains encompassing and His promises remain true. And so as I walk again in this path where I am acutely aware of his presence beside me and where we once again cultivate that intimacy we once shared may my testimony change and may I be the salt and light in this world He has destined me to be.

The Delicate Balance of Management

At a young age I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to top management. I have learned how policies are made and how hard decisions, especially involving personnel, can become. Perhaps it’s because I have grown up as a student leader and perhaps because I am clearly interested in how our country is ran, that I find myself to have this natural inclination for anything management-related.

I have witnessed various management styles both first-hand and from reading various case studies as required by MBA courses I’ve taken in my lifetime.

I have also had my stint in management – and not in the junior management level – but in a upper senior management level handing various levels of staffs and navigating the waters of company politics. I can’t say I emerged unscathed. In fact, I’ve been black and blue with the bruises of battle. But I’ve learned, enough to form my character and prepare me for my next role.

Albeit right now I’ve taken a breather. Call it backwards but I’ve actually experienced being in top management, first an observer then as an actual practitioner before I’ve learned what it means to actually be at the bottom. Not that I am bragging or not that I am saying it’s what I rightfully deserved but circumstanced has a funny way of showing me the two sides of the coin.

Today I’ve been fortunate enough to have witnessed and been privy – even participate – in an exercise involving different aspects of management – even calling to mind my learnings in Business Ethics.

The dilemma has been thus simple: should you pay workers who are unable to report to work due to extreme, perhaps life threatening, weather conditions.

The question of whether workers should work during the same set of weather conditions is a no-brainer. Of course, they are given the option not to report to work. In this age of globalization, work done in one part of the world, if left undone for even just a fraction of a second, could very well hamper a company in another part of the globe. Hence, extreme weather conditions has cease to be an excuse for not reporting to the call of “corporate” duty. Instead, workers are given the option to report to work should they, in their best judgment, be able to assess the safety of them doing so.

In a purely industrial sense, no work then equals no pay. It’s the fair ruling according to law. The company did not benefit from the absence of the employee and hence will in return not pay the employee for work not rendered.

It’s ruthless. It’s heartless. But it’s the law.

Yet, apparently there’s a way to show heart in the midst of this ruthlessness world. Apparently, management, with all due respect, need not be as ruthless as I had once thought it should be. Management, apparently, can have a heart and still maintain and remain true to its primary goal of ensuring the company’s overall profitability.

With the new policy enacted, I’ve witnessed management with a heart at work. A delicate balance has been struck. The company still wins and the worker wins as well. It’s a win-win without the ruthless drama. A win-win vs. a lose-lose.

Why a win for the company? Employee morale remains high which translates to productivity. Why a win for the employee? Life remains secured so does the promise of a pay.

Becoming a manager is a tough call. No wonder these people are paid for the responsibility they bear and the decisions they make. One thing’s for sure though, I have what it takes but I still have a long way to go.


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